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a unique mind set that doesn't always mean what you think

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Come and get your Dirty on!!

Clothing Attire for your Dirty needs --- T Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and Much More

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It's not what you think!

Just about the Dirty

Would you rather spend 2 hours riding your Harley or 2 hours washing it? 

Me too -- Riding it!

And that's how it started— as a joke, dirty bike, a helmet sticker, and now much much more!

It started as a joke, nothing more. I was living in Arizona, when I came down on assignment for Ft Drum, NY. The Army needed me for a “High Priority Assignment”,   So I packed my stuff and my Harley and headed north.  When I returned from my deployment to Iraq in May 09, I made arrangements to get my Harley serviced and inspected; hell, it had been in storage for almost a year and a half.

I get a ride to the garage and ended up being there too early! Here I am thinking, -- "Great!  I'm too early and the bike is not done.” But, to my surprise, it was done. It just wasn't washed!!

What!! NOT washed!!

Are you kidding me -- NOT WASHED! Really – “you are telling me, after not riding for a year and a half, you think I care about my Harley not being washed”, I said. “Hell, I’ll just Ride it Dirty!”

So off I go, riding my dirty Harley -- and did not wash it for the rest of the year -- unless it rained of course.   And as a joke, I made helmet stickers that said Ride’er Dirty  and would pass them to anyone who wanted one.

Time passed and I decided to make Ride’er Dirty official and in 2014, Ride’er Dirty became an officially registered trademark.

Wouldn’t you just rather  Ride’er Dirty?

Now its time to get Outdoors, get your Dirty, play in the Mud and have some fun!!

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Thanks for your interest in Ride'er Dirty.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Don't forget to send us your Dirty photos,  so we can show the World how Dirty your can be!!

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